RfP: Crazy Tales of Fundraising Feats


In response to some of the *valuable feedback* you’ve given us since our “3-month report card”:http://gigaom.com/view/give-found-read-a, we’d like to begin producing a week-long serial on Found|READ. Each Friday, we’ll promote a topic and ask for RfPs–a.ka. submissions–on a particular topic. Readers can submit their tales on the selected topic (e.g. hiring, firing, strategy, marketing, etc.) throughout the weekend. On Monday, and again each day throughout the following week, Found|READ will post one additional contribution to the series, and publish the entire package until the following Monday–when a new serial begins. Submissions can be links to relevant stories on the week’s topic found elsewhere, or original pieces authored by Found|READers based on their personal experiences.

Since this format is new, we figured it would be a good idea to launch it with a fun topic.

*Our inaugural topic is crazy funding tales.*

We want to hear about the strangest, riskiest, funniest, most off-the-wall tales you can find about how you and others funded their businesses. Go ahead and call your grandmother, hit-up the hotdog stand man, or rescue that B-school case study book from the trashbin. *The story that generates the most page views wins a $100 “Amazon Gift Certificate”:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00067L6TQ/ref=sv_gw_0/102-9752964-2810507 from Om.* So dig deep, and send us your best…or worst, or weirdest…..

(And if you haven’t submitted a comment/ criticism/ suggestion, we’d still be grateful to hear from you “here”://www.foundread.com/view/give-found-read-a!)



Since I haven’t seen any post I’ll just let you all know what I’m doing now. In the vein of Guy Kawasaki’s Truemers experiment, I’m trying to create a new start-up with as little cash outlay as possible. Thirty days into the experiment I’ve got whopping $59.99 worth of expenses. To cover these massive expenses, instead of taking out yet another credit card, I’m selling some of the items that have been sitting in my attic for years, starting with my comic book collection… so my geeky, acne ridden self as a boy will be my first Angel investor, to the tune of a few hundred bucks worth of X-Men comics. If I win the $100 buck Amazon gift certificate, I will use it toward storage costs on Amazon’s S3 and CPU time on EC2. If you are at all interested in watching my struggles trying to get this company off the ground, I’m writing about my experiences at http://unknownfounder.blogspot.com}


What’s the process of submiting stories? Though the comment system or should we email them in, and if so what address?}


I so wish I had some “crazy” funding idea to share!!!
I ‘stumbled’ on to this website by ‘chance’ and what I do have to say is this is a very very interesting topic and an extremely engaging website too!! Keep up the good work!

PS: Define “Crazy” ?!}

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