Happy Tablet PC owner uses device to keep warm


Ls800_heatWhen I say "happy" that’s just a guess on my part. Craig Pringle mentions a recent situation where he and his friend Lee had one too many pints. I figure they were both "happy" at the time, at least until the next morning when the hangover hit. Anyway, Lee is a recent inductee to the Tablet PC Owners Club thanks to his LS800 purchase. Lucky for Lee that he had the small tablet with him since he fell asleep on the train home and missed his stop! He woke up to find that he’d have to wait outside in the cold for two-and-a-half hours to catch the next train back. What’d Lee do? He fired up the LS800 to full brightness and ran a disk-intensive defrag to build some heat. Luckily the LS800 had more juice in it than Lee did. ;) Nice Tablet PC ‘McGyver’ tip too….



I live with 4 other college students in an old house… that doesn’t have heating. In the winter, when they’re all piled under mounds of blankets, I just put my tx1100 in slate mode, pop in a DVD and I’m nice and toasty!


I used to live in a small 400 square foot apartment. In it I had a file server and a desktop computer running. I figured during the winter I could save on heating costs by just using my computers which would be running anyway. If I got cold, I crawled into bed with my tablet and watched a movie.

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