Fujitsu Stylistic ST511x slates get the Intel Core 2 Duo


Fujitsu_video_1Back in December I took a good look at the Fujitsu Stylistic ST5112 Tablet PC and provided a video so you could get a good look too. There was no doubt in my mind back then that the ST511x series was very solid slate. Looks like good just gooder, er better: Fujitsu now offers these high-end slates with an updated Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. I found the original Core Duo to be quite capable in my first look so a few more horses under the hood ought to make the experience better provided the battery life doesn’t take a measurable hit. Considering you should get over 9 hours of runtime on the extended battery, the extra oomph might well be worth it.


David F.

In October 2007 I bought a Fujitsu ST5112 and yes it was largely as a result of Kevin’s video… Kevin -you have a lot to answer for!
Here in the UK these slates are not exactly easy to find, even using the official Fujitsu web-site, and delivery was over 14 days.
Incidentally I ended up using W-store as they were the only people to list all the accessories, and knew what I was talking about!
It seems that Tablet PC’s are still a ‘geeky’ thing in the UK and especially the pure slates.
So I’ve had the slate for about 2 months now-and am really VERY happy with it.
I have binned XP, and am running Vista Ultimate on it -yes with the Aero glass interface and all the smart search stuff enabled. No issues for me on performance and the Vista input panel and the Office 2007 integration of ink is awesome. One Note 2007 deserves a special mention – what a well put together bit of software. That team in MS should really get an award!
So, overall experience 9/10
For me this was a return to a pure slate having had an NEC tablet in 2003 -and though that was good, it really was limited. It did introduce me to One Note 2003 though – an application I used on a succession of neat laptops (not touch screen/ tablet) until I took the plunge and bought the ST5112 to replace a well hammered Sony Vaio TX.
If you’re wondering if a slate is practical – go the whole hog – get the docking station and the IR keyboard, and you’ll have a very complete solution.
I’m very pleased to be back to a pen input again – my typing is over 70 wpm – but you can’t beat a hastily scrawled One Note and a line drawing!
And yes, I hand-wrote this in One Note on the ST5112. Total recognition errors? 2.
Thanks Kevin for the encouragement to return from the ‘dark side’
Regards from the UK.


please tell me what you think.. I really want the best of the best with slates. I want to use it for drawing or (inking as you refer to it as) and for many other art applications, however the art programs I use require a lot of resources, for example Corel Painter X and Flash and whatnot. So I want it to be a serious slate. However My major priority is battery life and now I am caught between the Fujitsu Slate and the Motion Computing 1700 series. From what I read on their website they have a Main battery like the Fujitsu does, but they also have an extra battery on the bottom of the slate. They claim it runs two 9-cell lithium-ion batteries, so are they saying it runs for up to 20 hours???? That would be a dream come true (plus the motion computing one is very nice I tried it for like 1 minute on MSPaint a year ago it made me want a slate.)

Maybe youve tried the Motion computing one, if you have please tell me if it is the battery life they claim it to be. Cuz if it’s not true, I would go for this beautiful slate Fujitsu made. Please give me some advice as you have more hands-on experience.

Jeff K

I have the 5112 and upgraded it to Vista. Fujitsu released the Fingerprint Application and I just re-did my machine and they have taken it down. Now they are saying that I have to buy another application. Sounds like when you buy a tablet like this they think it shouldn’t be a problem to shell out some more money.

I actually purchased the tablet after I saw the review Kevin did.

Other than that, the tablet works great. :)

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