Zune software: no Flash, no Marketplace until you fix it


Zune_logoI’ve been installing a ton of software on my Samsung Q1P, so I don’t blame my Zune software for this. However, when I went to check the Zune Marketplace earlier this afternoon, the software loaded up and then returned the following error: Can’t connect to Zune. Please try again later. Error Code: FlashNotInstalled. I’m sure I installed something that hosed up the Adobe Flash components, so I first tried to re-install the Zune software, thinking that would resolve the issue. No such luck, so no music from Marketplace for me. Or so I thought…

Microsoft has a support page for this exact issue and the simple steps to re-install Flash from the System32 folder worked like a charm. Here’s the support page if you need it or you can just close your Zune player, navigate to /System32/Macromed/Flash and run the FlashUtil9b app for a re-install. Took only two minutes and I’m back in the Marketplace looking for the next album I want to download.


Kevin C. Tofel

For the moment I have both devices although I suspect I’ll be eBaying the Zune. The larger and more resolved screen advantage that the Zune had (a major factor in my Zune purchase decision) was trumped by the iPhone’s screen. I will likely keep my Zune Pass subscription for use on the several PCs we have in the house. We also have a fair amount of CDs that we’ve ripped over the past several years, so that music is on the iPhone. I really need to do some digital music file consolidation as we have music on the MBP, a UMPC, a notebook and a desktop.

Rob Bushway

Great tip, Kevin. I’m curious: since you are a Zune user, what music use are you getting out of your iPhone? Are you using both devices? Do you have both devices pointing to the same folder for syncing purposes ( since the Zune will automatically import aac files ).

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