Zune software: no Flash, no Marketplace until you fix it

Zune_logoI’ve been installing a ton of software on my Samsung Q1P, so I don’t blame my Zune software for this. However, when I went to check the Zune Marketplace earlier this afternoon, the software loaded up and then returned the following error: Can’t connect to Zune. Please try again later. Error Code: FlashNotInstalled. I’m sure I installed something that hosed up the Adobe Flash components, so I first tried to re-install the Zune software, thinking that would resolve the issue. No such luck, so no music from Marketplace for me. Or so I thought…

Microsoft has a support page for this exact issue and the simple steps to re-install Flash from the System32 folder worked like a charm. Here’s the support page if you need it or you can just close your Zune player, navigate to /System32/Macromed/Flash and run the FlashUtil9b app for a re-install. Took only two minutes and I’m back in the Marketplace looking for the next album I want to download.


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