Visual aid software coming to AT&T phones

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Mobile_magnifierWith so much AT&T-bashing over the last month, (really, has any iPhone owner said "w00t! AT&T rocks!") it’s nice to see some good press. Windows for Devices reports that the carrier is working with development shop Code Factory to get the companies products on their phones by the fall. The products are Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier: apps for the visually impaired that run on Windows Mobile and Symbian-based handsets.

Mobile Speak is an audible screen reader that’s compatible with Braille devices while Mobile Magnifier aids in screen magnification and zooming. Both applications appear to have download pages on the Code Factory site, so you may not need to wait for this partnership to fully bloom before trying either app. Let me be the first to give AT&T a "w00t!" Nice job, Ma Bell…..

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at&t 3G rocks! I’m on pace to do 9GB on my XU870 card this billing cycle. Ever since the iPhone came out the 3G network has been popping 240KBps for me. Way to go at&t!

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