Track your Buddi with GPS


Buddi_gpsthumbWhere was the Buddi GPS tracker when Jack Bauer needed it last season? Oh well, better late than never. The Buddi isn’t available just yet, but when it does launch, you can expect your Buddi-wearing buddies to be found via GPS. The U.K. company behind the gadget already has a similar product available for your pet, so it’s a safe bet that the human-based device will work just as well. Then again, I’ve seen some very smart dogs that leap past their Invisible Fence, so all bets are off on the intelligence comparison. Personally, I vote for the canines because they don’t look for the darn fence even though I’ve seen some people actually try to reach out and "find" it.

Not sure I’d want a tracker on me at all times, but I can see the social integration aspect. Who’s betting that we’ll see a Facebook app to track your buds once this product launches? As soon as I see this update, I’m outta here: "Kevin Tofel has just stepped into a public restroom – 9:28 am"

(via TechDigest)


Alison York

Our product, BlueRanger (from, is comparable and is in stock now. We’ve just launched a low-cost version too.

There’s also BlueMap, a GPS enabled PDA that allows you to find someone while you are also mobile (as opposed to tracking at your desk on your PC).


What a fantastic invention! I can see this helping so many people. I have an elderly mother who lives by herself. I often worry about where she may wander to. This would give me so much relief to know we could never lose her.


Might be handy to put into your check-in luggage, so when the airport says “it’s lost” you can reply:”no, actually, I know EXACTLY where it is!”

charles pritt

Actually, this is a great step in the right direction for all of us parents of special needs kids. My son has Down Syndrome, and autism, and can’t talk so we are always scared that he will get out of our sight and into the neighborhood somewheres and we won’t know where to locate him.
Now if they only had this in some kinda capsule that could be put just under the skin where he would always be guaranteed to have it on him.

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