Thursday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines

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Heavy Tries New Ad Format, offering custom series of sequential video spots to run alongside content, with Mike’s Hard Lemonade the first on board. (MediaWeek)

MPAA Wants Filtered Internet, submits a comment to the FCC that takes no position on network neutrality except that it doesn’t want regulations prohibiting watermarking, packet sniffing and other traffic monitoring. (ArsTechnica)

YouTube Going Widescreen; at least that’s what Adrian Covert thinks after noticing that thumbnails are now in 16:9 aspect ratio instead of 4:3 as usual. (Gizmodo)

WatchMojo on Vuze; the Canadian short-form web video company signs a syndication deal with Azureus’ content distribution platform. (release)

Czech Film Leak Traced to Government; a DVD screener of popular Czech film Empties has turned up on the internet, complete with “For the internal use of the Czech Ministry of Culture” label in the video. (Variety)

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Hey where is Cover of The Rolling Stone Campaign 2007?
I thought Kidkel69 and Rocking Fun Music channel was the top video news of the day!
RockingFunMusic and see why Kidkel69 makes lonelygirl15 squirm. I’m the real thing.
Filmed in Tony Romo’s hometown in Wisconsin.
Rocking Fun Music , we are the ” Real 70’s Show”

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