Captivate for Mac?


captivate.jpgAdobe’s Captivate, the demonstration and training simulation creation software, is moving into the final development stages of it’s third version. I had the privilege of being a beta tester, and I must say that it is really cool. It really is easy (and fun) to create interactive software simulations and demos.

But unfortunately the program is stuck on Windows, and there are currently no plans to bring it to the Mac. When I questioned the Adobe engineers about it they responded in a very polite, almost rehearsed way.

“Captivate is built from a program that ties deeply into the core Windows. To bring it to the Mac would require a total rewrite, something that we’re not sure we can justify at this point. If we had significant interest from Mac users, it’d be a different story”.

So what do you guys think? Is there interest in bringing Captivate to the Mac? I’m interested to hear your thoughts.



Because I teach Apple products on a Mac, I use Snapz Pro X but would cross-over if you offered a Mac version of Captivate. I believe this is a much needed app for Mac users. Currently, Snapz Pro X’s features are limited.


I was just looking at ScreenFlow which looks like it will be sufficient for creating some simple training videos. I will post my thoughts about the product after utilizing the application.

I asked Vara about licensing – I was wondering how many “machines I could put ScreenFlow on with a single license purchase. (I asked because I use two Macs and Adobe Software allows installation and use on up-to two machines at one time.)

This was their response:

“It is licensed for one user on one machine. If you want to use it a new
machine, by strict letter of the license you have to uninstall it from one
computer and start using it on the other computer.”

$99 isn’t a bad price though.


Check out ScreenFlow just released from Vara Software for OS X. Also I spoke to the makers of Camtasia and they are working on a port for the Mac.


I work with the Admissions office at my university, and although I am a student, was asked if I use Captivate. I went on Adobe’s site and looked at Captivate 3’s features and was extremely excited to find a tool to help me create training materials for a program I have been working with. Then…No Mac version. Such a shame. I switched to Mac for everything but video games, purchased both CS2 and CS3 Master Collection…would definitely purchase Captivate if only it were available on the Mac OS.

I would have to say Adobe has misread their market report, as I think more people would want this product if they knew they could actually use it on a Mac.

Captivate for Mac would surely beat out a video camera focused on my screen…

Mike Stewart

Captivate for Mac is a no brainer. I have a Mac at home and work on windows at work. It would be nice to be able to practice at home on my Mac rather than staying in the office.

Romolo D'Orazio

i don’t know if it counts, but we could sign this:

Also, even if the market does not require it strongly, and since we all use adobe products on a mac since 10 years, for once they could do something that does not bring immediate financial profit (but surely will in perspective since there is a hole in this field). And more, making customers happy have always been a good marketing strategy.


I would love to see Captivate or Camtasia for Mac. My guess is whoever gets there first is going to clean up. There are a lot of folks who would love to use either one on their macs.

Susan Taylor

As an educator of design I find it incredibly frustrating to see in this day that a program is not being produced to accomodate both mac and pc users. With more and more people seeing the value of the mac it is a crime to hear adobe cop out of developing a product that is so vital to education and especially now with the online learning. With the amount of focus adobe is putting on training and development in online settings it is truly disheartening to see them cross off the mac users as if it wasn’t important enough to warrant the development. I think, from what I see in the requests for a product to developed, it is astonishing that it is falling on deaf ears. And the request has been being made for years.

Federico Lopez

An e-learning explosion is near.
Captivate for Mac is a strategic move!


Please can we have it adobe as soon as possible for the mac if you dont I amgoing to stopusing all your other products

Jeffrey Kirkman

Absolutely Adobe should make Captivate for the MAC as so many designers and educators use Macs. I suspect, howevver, that with Intel Macs being more common and able to run Windows, we will see more and more companies opt to desgin only for Windows. It is really ashame as the Mac versions of such programs were always a touch above the Windows offering. Apple should really push for more content to stem this tide and to keep the unique nature of the Mac alive and well.


I would welcome Mac Captivate. As an educator I really need its capabilities. I’ve read reviews of alternatives but none read well! However, as a Mac convert who would NEVER go back to a PC, I refuse to have anything Windows on my beloved mac. I’ve logged a request with Adobe (has everyone else?) but it is indeed disheartening to hear Captivate won’t be ported to the mac.

Susan Taylor

I keep waiting and find it disheartening to hear they likely won’t bring it to the mac. As an educator it is something I wish would come about.

John Brougher

Has anyone used Captivate over Parallels? It’s probably not a great solution, but it’d be an okay temporary holdover if you could make Mac screencasts by using Parallels, I’ve just never tried it.


Let’s see…13 posts in 5 days. I think Adobe knows their market :)

Anyone use anything that even comes close in the Mac world?


Ooh, do I ever want it. ::sigh:: When did Adobe become such a Windows-centric company? I mean, between this and the kerfluffle over Universal builds of CS apps, I’m really starting to worry.


I would find this very useful as I work for a university. Me and several other staff are switching our work PCs for Macs so would find this very useful, especially if it integrated well with creative suite


Camtasia is, I believe, doing a port of its app to Mac, not sure if it will have feature parity though.

chris b

Captivate for the Mac would be a welcome addition to my software bucket. It would save me one more trip over to my PC.


as an instructor in a college, the more demonstration etc, software of good quality there is available for me on the mac, the easier my job would become.
having to flip from OS to OS because one application is only available in windows, and vice versa is a chore (even if it is now easier).


That would be amazingly helpful for the tutorials that I’m trying to make. I would love for this to come to the Mac.

Tim G

I do quite a few software demos for my customers and my own products. I tried Captivate on two separate occasions (v.1 & v.2), and, because it’s PC only, just didn’t get the results I was happy with. I use SnapzPro instead, which creates huge files compared to Captivate. Plus all of that narration…

If Captivate were available for Mac I’d be first in line.


Being in the education market, I really could do with Captivate for the Mac, otherwise it’ll mean the use of some poor alternative!


Well, in my opinion, everything that is developed solely for WinDoze is a mistake. The Mac OS is clearly a superior operating system and development of any software on WinDoze should be developed for Mac as well. The reason for this is simple: more stable, better usability, and more and more people are coming to the Mac platform.

So, I would definitely use this software if was ported to the Mac :-)


I still haven’t found a mac screencasting/training tool that I’m truly happy with. Captivate on the Mac has the potential to corner the Mac market.

Would ‘love’ to see it ported across.


That is an interesting question that I’ve tossed around myself in the past. My day job has me designing and developing training in the corporate world, in the IT group. I can’t go more than a day or two without doing work in Captivate.

Unfortunately Mac have not penetrated the corporate market well enough to warrant that rebuild, so I understand their reasoning.

Would I like to see it brought over? Of course! Do I see it happening, not likely.

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