Bookmarklets are Power Tools for iPhone


LifeClever posted 17 Bookmarklets that iPhone users should be using. For the most part they are simple functionality that would be ideal to have built-in to Safari, but for now these 3rd party solutions will have to suffice. Get the ability to search a page for words/phrases, open links in a new windows, list links, and find similar sites. Further, there are bookmarklets for searching for just about anything without having to explicitly hit those sites first.

I don’t have an iPhone (no, I’m fine, really) to test these out on, but assume they work pretty well. It’s nice to see the user/dev community stepping it up and taking care of the things that Apple has left out (at least in the Rev A). Interesting too, to see the way people have been altering their development to address the iPhone’s limitations framework. The likes of bookmarklets and iPhone/Safari-specific web apps such as Leaflets and are proof that a tilt toward developing for the Apple-made mobile device is indeed in progress. I guess that’s the answer to my question posted a few weeks back…

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