Handset Services: Nokia Shortcuts GPS; Samsung Tries Video Editing


Couple of handset content-related moves from Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and Samsung:
— Nokia has launched a service which it says will cut the time a GPS-enabled phone takes to pinpoint its whereabouts, in a boost to location-based services. Nokia hopes the service, available for users of its flagship N95 phones, will cut the startup time to one minute, from up to three minutes currently. While operator integrated-GPS technologies find locations faster, Nokia’s new service bypasses operator networks, using data from SIM card and new software which helps the phone to catch satellite signals, reports Reuters.

— Samsung is adding video editing and production functions to its new SCH-B750 so users can shoot, edit, and upload videos to Internet video sites without using a PC, reports IDG. It shoots CIF-resolution images (352 pixels by 288 pixels) and includes software to edit the images and do limited production work…Once done the videos can be immediately uploaded to online sites like Pandora TV, South Korean online video site. Only available in Korea for now.

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