Watch your car repaired live on the web

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This may not be the only car repair shop doing this but it’s the first one I’ve seen pushing this technology.  A car repair shop near my house has gone high-tech in a big way.  In order to gain trust from their customers the Domestic Auto Experts car repair chain (3 locations in Houston) are touting the ability to watch your car being repaired on the web via web cam.  Each location has a web cam on every repair bay and customers can tune in at any time to watch the repair in progress  Being the mobile tech guy that I am I can envision watching the repair from their waiting room using EV-DO, something I’ll bet they’re not expecting.  For those unable to access the web cams from work the shop will email digital photos of the area being repaired.  I have to admit this is pretty smart on their part, why not let customers feel a part of a process that is usually expensive and out of the realm of normal experience.  Sure it’s a gimmick but it could be useful for those who take advantage of it.


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Kevin C. Tofel

Good timing as I’m about to drop the Highlander Hybrid off for its 30,000 mile service this morning. Now I can uninstall my Logitech webcam from the secret spot under the hood. ;)

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