Sony VAIO TZ to become a U.S. citizen next month


VaiotzIf you’re looking for a lightweight notebook, the Sony VAIO line has plenty to choose from. Well, that depends on where you live, since some of the smallest VAIOs stay on foreign shores and never wash up here on the U.S. beaches. Not that I would know personally; I think the beaches here are giant boxes of cat litter. Offsetting my distaste for the Jersey shore is this good news: the Sony VAIO TZ is reportedly on its way here next month.

You’ll have to crave battery life over a super-powerful CPU: the VAIO TZ offers the Intel U7500 / 7600 processors which are the ULV models in 1.06 and 1.2 GHz. The upside is the 11.1-inch WXGA, LED backlit screen and a weight of just 2.75 pounds. Integrated WWAN is a possible option for you and you’ll even get an optical drive in this one-inch thin model. For your storage needs, you can go almost-old-school with a 100 GB 4200 RPM drive or choose a fresh and new 32 GB SSD.



Typical moron comment on the New Jersey shore. I’ll visit a coal mine on my next vacation.

T Man

4200 RPM? Ewwww. Otherwise, great looking and functional machines.

And as a lifelong NJ resident, I disagree about the Jersey shore. Rather, NJ is Shore to Please!

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