Quick iPhone tip for Exchange if you can’t send mail

Exchange_settings_iphoneOne of the first things I did on the iPhone was to configure it for my e-mail. I’m still using 4Smartphone for my hosted Exchange account as I mentioned in my "Hosted Exchange 101" post earlier this week. I know that my provider supports IMAP, so I knew that I should be able to get the mail from the Exchange server to the iPhone.

Once I configured it, I ran into a problem: I was able to receive mail, but I was unable to send mail. A few minutes later, I had figured out the minor issue and just in time: this afternoon one of our readers had the same issue. Ken shot me a note indicating that he too uses 4Smartphone for Exchange but he could only receive mail, not send it. I explained these two simple configuration tips:

1. I used the Exchange tab on the iPhone, not the IMAP tab. Ken was using the IMAP tab, which might work but I’m not going to undo my mail settings to find out. ;)
2. Quite often people put their mailbox ID and password on the Incoming server settings, but not on the Outgoing server settings. This was my issue which is easy to resolve and Ken had done the same thing.

Once I passed this info to Ken, he added his credentials for the Outgoing server and he was sending mail without any issue. A common-sense, simple solution that’s easy to overlook when quickly configuring your e-mail client.


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