Packet8 Picks Up SunRocket Orphans


[qi:014] This just in: Packet 8 has been selected as the replacement VoIP service provider for SunRocket customers whose service has been disrupted by SunRocket’s demise.

Under terms of the agreement, Packet8 will waive all regular start up costs associated with its residential service plans plus offer one free month of service, a value of over $100. You can get more information by calling +1-866-TRY-VOIP, option 2

Now this is less than what meets the eye.

SunRocket screwing its customers one more time, even in death. Makes my blood boil. Packet8 should be happy – they don’t have to spend ungodly amounts to acquire customers; poor sods are already paddling up the shit creek in a leaky canoe.

Free first month of service applies to Freedom Unlimited, Freedom Global, and Freedom Fax plans only. Applicable taxes apply. 8×8 is not acquiring the assets of SunRocket, nor can it honor any prepaid amounts paid to SunRocket. Since SunRocket equipment will not work with the Packet8 service, new equipment will be needed to make use of the Packet8 service subject to 8×8, Inc. Terms and Conditions.



I’ve been using Packet 8 for over a year now and aside from a few issues of delayed voice mails about 6 months ago I have been very happy with their service. I think I pay something around $24.99/month for unlimited calls, unlimited long distance, and all of the bells and whistles. I even had an occasion several months ago where I dialed 911 and I was very happy that the E911 service worked flawlessly. It is way better than a land line.

SR Customer

Is Packet8 really preferred choice for SR customers?
SunRocket is continuing to do further disservice to its customers ( who have already lost money on deposits) by pushing them to Packet 8, a company that declared itself as no more interested in pursuing the residential market and moving to business customers.

I signed for Lingo last night. I called them up today to check the number portability. They said my SR number will be ported in 4-5 business days! Cool! Is n’t it? Apparently Lingo uses the same DID provider as SR. So, this is an internal porting.


As sad as I am to see a fellow VoIP provider implode, it’s even sadder to see how my fellow Americans are locked into the monthly fee mentality and a walled-garden hardware mindest. There is light outside the cave. At Vortel you can pay as you go and bring your own SIP hardware. No required monthly fees. Must be the Berlin air.
We’d be honored if ex-Rocketeers want to check us out.


Via talk does not have a truly unlimited plan. It should be called the 5100 min plan. If you go over 5100 min they shut you off for the rest of the month. If they cannot be truthful in there plans I will not trust them to be my provider. Unlimited Should mean unlimited!


Teleblend appears to be the way to go. No porting of the number is required…Om it would be nice if your people could find out anything about this company.


Screw it, I will go without a land line. I don’t need the headaches. I’ll stick with my pay as you go cell phone.


PowerNet Global is a growing VOIP over broadbank provider that could take on some of the SunRocket customers.

cindy hampton oh mighty queen

i signed up with vonics digital

it had the best deal.
all incoming calls free
outgoing 500 minutes a month
prepay for a year makes it 8.99 a month
2 free months
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she probably already has her sweet job back at aol.
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I had kids that were traveling that couldn’t call home on Monday night – what a mess!!!

I did a lot of surfing last night and decided to go with Voip Your Life. Cost was comparable and features looked good. The best thinkg was the customer reviews. Way more ‘thumbs up’ reviews than there were ‘thumbs-down’. Well see how this goes….

Surendra Kashyap

Press release says following:

Under terms of the agreement, Packet8 will waive all regular start up
costs associated with its residential service plans plus offer one free
month of service, a value of over $100. SunRocket will communicate with its
200,000 + subscribers via an email and voicemail campaign recommending they
transition their service to Packet8 immediately.

How in the world they will send voicemail if my phone is dead? Last night, I switched Lingo, hopefully my number gets transferred which I requested promptly last night.


Ugh. My Mother has been telling me she could not leave a message on my voice mail and then I couldnt dial out and then I googled around and now this! Ugh again.

Now I just have to decide between Lingo, Vonage and Packet 8.
Must have been a reason I chose Sunrocket last time but now its back to the reviews! So who are you guys going with?


I took sun rocket connection through the online and paid 242 for everthing . But i haven’t set up my connection yet. What i should do ? any comments


I’m sure Packet8 is a decent company and will offer clueless SR customers some hope, but I got a plan with ViaTalk right away and unlocked the Sunrocket Gizmo and I’m up and running with SR number forwarded to my ViaTalk number in less than 2 days.

james murphy

and Vonage seems to be offering two months free, free device and free shipping. let’s not forget that packet8 provided the VoiP service in the UK to Dixons (the biggest electronics retailer in the UK) and eventually gave up, transferring all of its customers to Vonage.
how long does packet8 actually have before they go the way of SunRocket?


Packet8 has less features than SunRocket. No call blocking for one. Not a good deal at all.


after endless reasearch yesterday and today I signed up with Lingo. For the amount they charge monthly (I will never to a prepaid yearly plan again) Lingo seems to have the best offer so far. Same thing there, free activation, free shipping, one month free. All those “great offers” still don’t give us our money back…but I guess we all want to have a phone service again that works. Welcome to a world of customer satsifaction right?

Libran Lover

Sunrocket customers who are thinking of signing up with Packet8 should consider the following Packet8 charges, which Sunrocket never charged for the annual plan customers:

  • Regulatory recovery fee – $1.50 monthly
  • E911 fee – $1.99 monthly
  • Service fee within 12 months – $59.99
  • Additional taxes extra

That nice animation on Packet8’s homepage shows just how much they sympathize with SunRocket’s demise.

Sundarlal Chuddha

My butt is fealing sore from all the frolicking through web 2.0 already. Last thing I need is another vOiP company to take an entry.


What I can’t tell from your post is whether this will be a seamless transition, or whether this is just another “special” that many different VoIP providers are offering. And not event the best one, come to think of it.


Many customers of SunRocket would have opted for the $199/year plan. Looks like this means all their prepaid amounts for the rest of the year will not be honored by Packet8.


!@#$@!#$@!# SunRocket. As you said Om, screwing the customers, even in death!

(I am one in the wagon).

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