Mobile computing deathmatch: Palm Foleo vs. VIA NanoBook


Nanobook_vs_foleoBjorn has a brief but interesting comparison between two comparable devices, the Palm Foleo and the VIA NanoBook. It’s a give and take between the two devices in my eyes: what one provides in screen-size and resolution, for example, the other makes up the difference in terms of storage capacity. Although there are similarities in form factor and price, I’m not sure a head-on comparison is entirely fair: these two devices are marketed and designed for two very different use-cases.

The NanoBook is a Windows-based, lightweight and small notebook. While it can be used with a smartphone, it can stand on its own much easier than the Foleo due to the plethora of Windows applications available. The instant-on Foleo provides easy access to far fewer functions in terms of software, at least until developers really latch on to the Linux-based platform of the Foleo. Storage capacity on the Foleo is very limiting, but if you’re comfortable with an online storage service, that point nearly goes out the window. Thoughts?

Oh Bjorn, I read your other recent post as well: in response, I can unequivocally state that I will NOT be getting a Samsung Q1P tattoo. However, your guesses about Hugo and Ctitanic getting tat’s of their favorite device might be spot on. ;)

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