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Mac software maker Market Circle has released iPhoney, an open-source iPhone simulator for web developers. See how your websites look on the iPhone in both portrait and landscape.

It lacks a few iPhone features, such as pinch and zoom, but will let you test while developing apps for iPhone (without using your iPhone). I think this is a great piece of software. Even though I have an iPhone, it’s inconvenient to try and view sites on it over and over while testing. It’s much easier to just keep iPhoney open and click refresh.

I tested the site with Digg ( and Leaflets (, and they both worked well. I look forward to testing one of our iPhone optimized sites on iPhoney.


5 Responses to “iPhoney”

  1. I agree with Josh. These iphone “optimized” websites make me sick! The beauty of the iphone is the ability to see FULL html Safari browsed websites, not these useless excuses of website conversion. Leave it alone! If you insist on wasting time on these useless conversions for the iphone, at least offer a link to allow the user to browse to the full version.

  2. No offense, but wasn’t the iPhone supposed to be “the internet in your pocket”? It was supposed to be THE web, not a dumbed-down phone version. If that’s the case, why is everyone having to make sites specifically for iPhone?

  3. Matt Radel

    It’s a bit cumbersome, but it’s better than nothing. I believe it’s an Adobe AIR (hate that name) app, which is pretty interesting.