Democracy is now Miro

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miroAs the world of internet tv heats up, there are more and more options to keep track of. Joost has made the most noise, though YouTube has been a large internet-based presence. Well for most of the time there’s been Democracy Player, which allowed users to grab just about any internet video streams and play them in a single application.

If you’ve launched Democracy Player recently you may have found it’s ripe for an update – and a name change. It shall henceforth be known as Miro. Miro looks a little more polished, and boasts some great features. Many have been there all along, but the whole experience feels much more fluid now. Grab HD content, YouTube, BitTorrents, and just about anything else you can think of from around the web.

A nice update and change to a good piece of software. Have a look when you’ve got some time to kill.

Thanks to Chris for the tip

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It still does weird things for me. It won;t load up the Miro channels.

I should have kept my old Democracy. Yeah, even seasoned veterans make mistakes :)

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