Dash for Windows: a promising productivity interface



One of the most enjoyable aspects of having both Mac and Windows machines in the house is finding a great app on one platform and then finding a comparable app on the other. I’ve been using Quicksilver on the Mac for a while and now I see a productivity app that’s very similar for XP and Vista. Dash looks to be very much like Quicksilver in form and functionality; if you watch this five-minute YouTube video demo, you’ll get a feel for the program’s capabilities.

If I had to describe the app (either, actually), I’d start by saying it’s like a launcher on steroids. That’s not the full story as it you can add various interactions and comands between your apps and services with the program. Think of it as a smart interface to your apps that doesn’t require you to launch and navigate your apps. Hard to explain and I’m not doing it justice, so check the vid and tell me what you think. It’s definitely a keystroke saver!

(via Lifehacker)


Mike Whalen

Oooh man! I was so hoping this would work. It will run in my Vista happily for a couple of hours then Windows will pop up a “dash has stopped responding.”

Ah well. I loved it for all the few hours I ran it. Reminded me of QuickSilver. :-(


Looks like a much more functional version of Launchy.

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