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BermanBraun in League with Pepsi

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Hollywood veterans Lloyd Braun and Gail Berman’s multi-platform production company hasn’t made any content yet, but it’s busy signing deals. Pepsi has signed on for the chance to fund and sponsor BermanBraun web projects, according to Variety and Kara Swisher. BermanBraun also has a first-look deal for television content with NBC Universal.

The Pepsi deal sounds kind of sleazy, honestly. “[W]e’ll work with Pepsi hand-in-hand to bake new kinds of ad solutions right in organically at the earliest possible moment,” Braun told Swisher. “We want to be part of the DNA of a show from the very beginning,” added Russell Weiner, vice president of marketing for colas at Pepsi-Cola North America.

Braun had most recently been head of Yahoo’s media group and Berman had been president of Paramount, both leaving in management shakeups. Braun had also cut a deal with Pepsi while at Yahoo to sponsor its somwhat lame video show The 9. Since it announced itself at the beginning of this year, BermanBraun has hired NBC and WB execs.

While the Pepsi deal is not huge in the grand scheme of things, we’re always interested to see what people with Hollywood cred think is internet content done right. And of course we’re paying special attention to the intersection of video content and advertising, the theme of our live event in San Francisco next Tuesday.

7 Responses to “BermanBraun in League with Pepsi”

  1. Anonymous Douche

    Great! Now producers can start whoring themselves to corporate sponsors even before they decide which old TV show or movie the are going to remake…

  2. Dave Andersen

    Lest we forget Old TeeVee, please recall that the first shows were created by the sponsors, which is why we still call them “Soap Operas.” So, Pepsi being involved at the early stages of creative development is, in fact, a return to TV’s roots. For better or worse.