Apple’s iPhone Bluetooth Headset Now On Sale


applebluetoothheadset.png Appleā€™s much anticipated Bluetooth headset is now available to order in the Apple store.

It will run you around $130 and is scheduled to ship in 2-4 weeks.

The headset also includes the iPhone Dual Dock and iPhone Bluetooth Travel Cable.

Thankfully there are no blinking lights on this headset. It keeps true to Apple design and is small, sleek, and unobtrusive.

Thanks for the tip Chris.


Peter S. Magnusson

Clever charger design. But for me half the point of the iPhone is to listen to music or podcasts, and have them nicely paused when I get (or make) a call. And mono bluetooth won’t cut it.

Now, a nice iPhone-aware car kit would be nice, for those of us not planning to buy a new BMW. Are there any really good ones?


Apple store employees are unenthusiastic about this headset. I asked about this at the Chicago apple store and was told “Well, we just got them in, but the iPhone works with any bluetooth headset.”


Picked one up today in the Indianapolis store. Bottom line?… it is going back. Does not have enough range to go the distance between my ear and my belt. If I hold the iPhone within a foot or two of the headset, it works great… but not exactly hands free. Bad :(


This was available since the 29th to order. I know I ordered it then

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