ESPN To Employees: You Can’t Get Verizon Phones

This is very funny, and true. ESPN, which closed down its MVNO and then relaunched again recently as a content app on Verizon and branded ESPN MVP, now says in an internal memo that employees, who all use Cingular, can’t switch to VZW.

Here’s the Q&A in the memo:
Question: With the switch to Verizon for ESPN phone content, will our company phones, (Treos), be switched to Verizon?

Answer: There are no plans to switch to Verizon. Verizon does not offer international coverage and it would be a lot of work to constantly swap a Verizon phone for a Cingular phone based on international travel. It also would require two processes to manage the phones, one for each vendor. Currently our rates are the same, if not better, with Cingular.

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