Where to Find Good Video: Mesmo.tv

Mesmo.tv launched today, a place to find and watch internet video. It’s kind of like vod:pod combined with a similar-tastes-based filtering system like StumbleVideo, and better organized and exposed.

Mesmo.tv CEO Davin T. Miyoshi said it’s like Last.fm or iLike, but for video. What I like so far is the way the site splits up and cross-references web shows and one-time videos, which are really different beasts these days.

Back in May, I put forth a dream of an internet TV aggregator. This is the closest I’ve seen so far, though there are still a few elements missing — like support for paid content from Unbox, Netflix, or iTunes.

“I’d like to see a web-based player where I can find content recommendations — algorithmic, editorial, and from friends — as well as episodic content — all my favorite free web shows and the ones I pay for on iTunes too — in one place, sortable by date and by show.”

Miyoshi said this morning “Our sole focus is really the social video discovery, finding video through people.” Does he want to build a destination site or a plug-in to other environments like iTunes, Miro, or Joost? “We would eventually be resident within those applications, providing a discovery platform within that platform itself.”

To a similar end, Mesmo.tv has built a Facebook app that is the most developed of any video-watching environment I’ve seen so far on that platform.

Miyoshi cited a survey that the editorially oriented WeShow was touting last week (and most likely paid for), in which Kelton Research found a majority of the 126 million people in the U.S. who view online videos each month are dissatisfied with their video experience. Ninety-six percent of those surveyed said they couldn’t find what they were looking for through video search, and 45 percent said they only watched videos when they were recommended by a friend or colleague.

Eight-month-old Mesmo.tv is currently raising angel funding and has put together an advisory board including Cindy McCaffrey, the first VP of Marketing at Google, Munjal Shah, co-founder and CEO of Like/Riya, Auren Hoffman, founder and CEO of Rapleaf, and Ben Smith, co-founder of Merchant Circle and Spoke Software.

Note: Mesmo.tv competitor vod:pod just announced it had raised funding. We know the company well through their help with the video bar on the top of our site and sponsorship of our Pier Screenings events — and they ended up being funded by the same venture capitalists as we are, True Ventures. Due to all those conflicts of interest, we’re happy to link to other people reporting the news.