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[qi:_earth2tech] Soy Biodiesel IPOs, A Risky Diet: Forget Web 2.0. There is a Soy BioDiesel bubble, and some start-ups are cashing in on the eco-craze. Never mind, that it costs more that to sell what they are selling. Continue Reading.

[qi:_webworkerdaily] What Gen Y Wants from Work: As Generation Y or the Millennials leave their dorms behind and enter the real world, we are encountering a corporate world that is, for the most part, still stuck in its outdated ways. What does Gen Y want from work? Continue Reading.

[qi:_foundread] Accountability in Code: How to keep tabs on your engineers’ productivity — just as with your sales and marketing staffs. Continue Reading.

[qi:_newteevee] Where to Find Good Video: Mesmo.tv: Mesmo.tv launched today, a place to find and watch internet video. Back in May, I put forth a dream of an internet TV aggregator. This is the closest I’ve seen so far, though there are still a few elements missing — like support for paid content. Continue Reading

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You should name these posts something different than ‘What’s on GigaNet’

In my mind, I see the same title each day
and I know it is just pluggin your own stuff not any original thinking/analysis, so I never read or click these posts.

I would center the title around the most sensational link.

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