Sprint Mogul update available: music store access and possible volume fix


Mogul_download_screenPining away for more music on your HTC Mogul? Sprint has you covered…both with the music and the Mogul since the device hasn’t shown its face on Verizon’s site yet. The Sprint folks told me that the Sprint Music store would be available for the HTC Mogul around mid-month and looky-looky: it’s here! Well, sorta. The update is available on the HTC site, not on Sprint’s Mogul support page at the moment.

Even if you don’t want to access Sprint’s Music Store, the update might be worthy of a download: PDALive! indicates the update addresses a volume issue with both wired and Bluetooth headsets. If the folks I spoke with are true to their word, you should now see the Mogul in retail stores as well. I can’t vouch for that, but I do see the Mogul available online for $299 after a $150 instant savings and a $100 mail-in rebate.

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I picked one up at the store yesterday and it was considerably better than I had expected it to be. First of all, I use Slingplayer pretty often and to that end, there’s no comparison to my Treo 700wx. The screen is much nicer and wifi means a good picture without sucking down tons of Sprint network. I found it to be pretty snappy right out of the box and EVDO speed is good. Having owned an MDA for over the year, the buttons are taking some getting used to but I find the stylus placement fine, although some might find it awkward. I’m also getting used to how it slides open to the left, unlike the MDA that slid open to the right. The thing has a ton of onboard memory (I think I have about 150mb free at the moment) and came with a 512mb microsd card, a nice touch. So far I’m very pleased with it.


It is indeed in stores, I actually did the unboxing for the crew at the local Sprint store because they hadn’t gotten one out for display yet when I came in to ask about it Saturday. I’m a Cingular/AT&T customer so I was mentally comparing it to the 8525. I like the slightly darker color of the plastic, and the buttons felt much better. Wasn’t a fan of the stylus placement, and the phone wasn’t actually on the Sprint network yet so I couldn’t test out the data speeds (or find some vids to playback). Seemed like a really nice piece of kit, but not nice enough for me to switch carriers and ignore the stuff just around the corner.

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