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Leaflets: Suite of iPhone apps arrives


Design/interactive shop Blue Flavor, has released a suite of small iPhone apps called Leaflets.

Straight from the horses mouth:

Leaflets are fun, useful applications designed to run fast on your iPhone—even over AT&T’s EDGE network.

Apple’s iPhone allows developers to harness the power of web-based development to create applications that can be used on the iPhone via Safari.

Leaflets currently provides 9 applications that help you access all sorts of info via your iPhone:

  • Search (Google, MSN, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc)
  • Feeds (read any RSS feed)
  • Newsvine
  • App List – Browse, rate, and comment on a complete directory of iPhone apps.
  • The New York Times
  • Upcoming
  • Flickr
  • Le Tour de France

All of these apps move at blazing fast speeds as they are optimized to run over AT&T’s EDGE network.

Be sure to check out their screenshots & demo to get a feel for how things work!