iambic’s tip calculator only $0.99 this week


Iambic_tipperI pride myself on my ability to manually calculate an accurate tip amount when I’m out and about, so this deal isn’t for me. If you struggle with that 15-, 18-, or 20% calculation, you might want to place an order at iambic’s table this week. Tipper is a tip calculator for your Palm OS or Windows Mobile handheld and makes it easy to figure your tip and then split the total bill between the party if you desire. As a former waiter, trust me: separate checks are a nightmare. ;)

Normally, Tipper is priced at $4.95, but this week you can nab it for only $0.99 which is less than my 20-ounce WaWa coffee. That costs me $1.37 and with good service the tip would be $0.26. Told ya I had the ability.



Here’s my tip calculator: Double the pre-tax amount, drop by one decimal place, round down as needed.

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