ExpressCard adapter- use any card in legacy equipment


New notebooks are pretty much equipped with ExpressCard slots these days.  ExpressCards are thinner than the older PC Cards and it’s easier for OEMs to put them in thinner and lighter portable computers.  The problem with switching to the ExpressCard format is evident if you have multiple devices and some of them have the older PC Card slot.  If you had an adapter that let you use ExpressCard devices in those PC Card slots you’d extend the usefulness of the new device.  Duel Systems has a solution to this problem, the DuelAdapter Cradle which is a PC Card shell for ExpressCard devices.  Just pop that new ExpressCard 3G modem in the Cradle and it will work with all your legacy devices.  It’s pretty cheap at $46, too.  They also have a solution for using PC Card devices on PCs that have no PC Card slot, the DuelAdapter.  It is a PC Card to USB adapter that works with all PC Card devices so you can plug that 3G modem on UMPCs or other units that have no PC Card slot.  This adapter will run you $119 so it’s not cheap but you’d pay that to use your 3G card on your UMPC, wouldn’t you?


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