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EcoWeb Tool: Hugg, It's like Digg, except Green

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About a year ago the environmental news site TreeHugger launched, its green answer to social news sites like Digg. We’re big fans of Hugg.

A lot of people have tried to create Digg-type sites focused on niche content. There’s a bunch of them out there (check out this massive list). Most don’t live up to the billing, as this blogger sums up nicely.

Having used Hugg over the past few months, we dig it. So we had a little chat one of the guys who helps manage Hugg, Michael Graham Richard:

Q. What made TreeHugger launch

A. Readers were always sending us tips and we wanted somewhere where these stories could be submitted. At the same time Digg was getting really popular. We decided to use the open source PLIGG for the site and just launched it.

Q. Are you happy with the way it works?

A. There’s a bunch of stuff we want to add to Hugg. We want to upgrade the features, better spam reporting. There’s tons of stuff we want to add really. I spend most of my time overseeing the editorial side of Hugg, checking spam, regulating, sending emails back and forth.

Q. How many users does Hugg have?

A. We have 6,000 registered users. Not all are active. But readership has been growing steadily from the start.

Q. Do you think the trend is away from all content news-ranking sites to niche-content news ranking sites like Hugg?

A. Sites like Digg and Reddit can add more verticals, but their users are still very tech centric.

Q. What’s next for Hugg?

A. We’re considering a redesign, or perhaps tying the forums on TreeHugger to Hugg. We’ll see.

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