BlackBerry 8830 appears on Sprint


Sprint88302One thing I can tell you the BlackBerry 8830 is a sweet smartphone.  The only gripe I have with my Verizon 8830 I have well documented– their silly disabling of the integrated GPS.  Good news for those who have been waiting for Sprint to get the 8830, it’s available now, GPS and all.  The 8830 is a very full-featured BlackBerry with the following features:

Dual Network Capability
The BlackBerry 8830 offers the ability to use one device both in theU.S. and while traveling outside of North America. This phone supportsboth CDMA and GPRS/GSM networks

External Memory
With a microSD card, you’ve got the room you need for larger work files– presentation, reports, documents or fun files like ringtones andmusic. Purchase an optional memory card and increase memory by up to2GB.

Full QWERTY keyboard
QWERTY keyboard makes sending emails and editing documents quick and easy.

GPS capable
Allows you to view your geographic location and works with BlackBerry maps as well as other location-based services.

Media Player
Features a media player with stereo headset jack, so you can play video and music files you’ve downloaded.

Phone as Modem Capable
Use the included USB cable to make your 8830 a wireless modem and extend fast network speeds to your laptop

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
Built-in radio for technology for short-range wireless communicationwhich allows fast, secure transmission without cables or wires.

Sprint Software Store
The BlackBerry 8830 is certified digital media powered by Handmark.

Next generation RIM Multi-Media capabilities
Roxio Media Manager with BlackBerry device Software for optimized video and music experience.

TrackBall navigation design
The TrackBall is in the center of the device for easier one handed operation

Voice Activated Dialing
Dial without touching the device.

Hands free operation is made easy with built-in speakerphone.

BlackBerry Maps
View maps, get text driving directions, find local businesses.

The 8830 will set you back $199 with a 2 year contract on Sprint.

(via Blackberrycool)

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