Industry Moves: Moore Leaves MSFT Xbox For EA; Former EA Exec Mattrick To Head Xbox & Games Business

Peter Moore moves from hardware to software, resigning as corporate VP of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business to become president of EA Sports. Moore joined Microsoft in 2003; he oversaw the global launch of Xbox 360 and revamped the Games for Windows business. Moore will aid the transition at Microsoft and start at EA Sept. 4. Microsoft said Moore wanted to return to the Bay Area with his family. The company told the WSJ the decision was unrelated to the recent announcement that Microsoft would take a $1 billion-plus charge due to Xbox 360 console problems. EA release.

At the same time, former EA exec Don Mattrick, who has been an external adviser for the Entertainment & Devices Division since February, goes on the full-time payroll as SVP-IEB. Mattrick founded Distinctive Software Inc. in 1982; that company merged with EA in 1991. He held a variety of positions at EA and was president of Worldwide Studios when he left in 2006. Mattrick’s experience in game development is a plus for Microsoft as the company heads into what division head Robbie Bach calls “our biggest holiday ever.” Mattrick starts work July 30. Microsoft release.

For EA, this is the last in a batch of major appointments that wraps up CEO John Riccitiello’s reorg of the company into four autonomous labels. Moore’s background includes a stint as a pro soccer player and executive for various sportswear companies. Prior to joining Microsoft he was president and COO of Sega of America. He’ll be paid well at EA — his compensation includes at $1.5 million bonus in recognition of what he gives up at Microsoft. He gets the money at the end of the first 30 days but has to pay it back if he leaves before he completes two years at EA. he also gets about $330,000 in relocation expenses and a stock option for 350,000 shares.