VZW’s Samsung SCH-i760: can you see me now? Nope.

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Samsung_schi760I was pretty excited to see some mention of the Samsung SCH-i760 smartphone in my feeds over the weekend. This is the Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition CDMA phone with dual slanted keyboards: one for dialing and a slide-out keyboard for text entry. Alas the device was on the Verizon Wireless website but I’m now getting a "Page is unavailable" message. Pity. Would have been nice to see some additional information, especially since the vast majority of the phone specs and Verizon available services are likely carved in stone by now. And where’s that XV6800 too? My initial expectations would be that we’d hear something on the XV6700 successor by mid-July.

(via pocketnow)

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I have been waiting impatiently for this phone! BTW it will have wm6 Professional from what I know about it.

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