VoodooPad: like OneNote for your Mac


Jezlyn popped a note in our nearly clean Inboxes late last week to tell us about VoodooPad. I figured it was the latest game accessory for the Wii, but I was way off. VoodooPad is a Mac OS X application that has many of the characteristics and features found in my favorite Microsoft application: OneNote. I’ve only just started to play around in the app, but my first impressions are very favorable thanks to features like these:

  • Multiple page tabs for your information
  • Spotlight support for indexing and search
  • Embedded file support along with a unique linkback feature
  • Ability to sketch diagrams (difficult without a digital pen, but doable)
  • Save pages as Microsoft Word docs

There are many more features and while the package doesn’t truly emulate OneNote, it has some very similar use cases. The VoodooPad Lite app is the free version, which is limited to 15 pages and has a watered down feature set for light duty. The full VoodooPad version is $29.95 while the Pro version is $49.95 and adds functions like a built-in web server and data encryption. I’m continuing to look it over, but since I found value in the first few minutes, I wanted to pass it along now.


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