Touch and Google Maps on a UMPC: Gotta Be Mobile

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Google_maps_change_routeAbout two weeks ago, Google released a click-and-drag feature to Google Maps so you can customize your route. How well does it work on a touchscreen UMPC? Have no fear: Warner Crocker is on the case and he puts the feature through the paces in the latest Gotta Be Mobile InkShow. Warner tries the feature on his Samsung Q1P both in Internet Explorer and FireFox. While it does work, it seems a bit tricky to use on a touchscreen with a finger or stylus.

Have a look-see at the five minute InkShow while I try the feature myself; it’s possible that we have our touch settings configured differently which could provide varying results. The other item I learned from the InkShow is that Warner and I both live near I-81….several hours apart of course, but I don’t need a Google Map to so somewhere via one Interstate! ;)

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Warner Crocker

We are close enough that we should get together some day soon. Thanks for the shout out and let me know if your results are different.

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