Time To Break Up Time Warner?


[qi:065] Pali Research analyst Richard Greenfield says that with a board meeting around the corner, the knives might be out to slice-and-dice Time Warner, the most schizophrenic of all media conglomerates. He argues the company is so complicated that you need a Ph.D just to get through a book-like 10-Q. (Meow!)

He thinks that Time Warner Cable and AOL would be the ones that be chopped away. AOL could be sold to any buyer who might be ready to buy it. The publishing business is going to be on the block. So what’s left? The house of megahits – Time Warner’s Hollywood Operations.

Of course, that’s what the heir apparent wants. A lot of it is not new news, but Greenfield says that the upcoming board meeting is going to be the trigger for change! TWC might be the best cut of the carve-up!

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