SunRocket is Toast, MEMO


[qi:004] All right people, its all over. SunRocket has hit the dirt. Check our this internal email which went out earlier today to the employees. Now it is hard to ascertain the authenticity of the email, it is clear from recent developments that this was coming. The email was sent out by Sonya Jefferson, Director of Routing and Carrier Services earlier this morning. Jefferson is also looking for a new gig. [digg=]

(memo below the fold, horror stories in the comments section.) 

Unfortunately this email contains very bad news. We have just been informed that any and all last ditch efforts to keep operations running as well as a potential sale of the company have not gone through and that SunRocket will cease operations at COB today. As such, today is my last day and everyone else you may have worked with at SunRocket. ….
Regarding outstanding and future invoices: Sherwood Partners out of Palo Alto will be handling the close down of all invoices, current and outstanding.


The Telecom Guy

Get the legal system and governmaent involved.

File a complaint with the FCC at:

Mention something like:

SunRocket, a VoIP telephone provider based in Vienna, VA disconnected my prepaid telephone and E-911 service on July 17, 2007 without ANY required advanced customer notification or alternative service options, leaving me at significant risk without 911 capabilities. The company’s executives should be arrested and jailed for putting approximately 160,000 households at such risk.

Also contact your local Attorney General and demand that the executives that made the decision to leave customers without phone service and E-911 service be arrested for public endangerment.


WhOm can I contact…? I just want my money back for unused months… I paid $299 for a whole year in May, 2007…. This is hard earned money… I cannot be duped in this fraudlent manner? Please help!!!! Send me some info or numbers I can contact… please…


As someone said above, technology does cost money, and in a industry where profits are thin to start, how can anyone expect these sort of companies to stay in business and perform at a level that you expect … Seems like nowadays, anything web-centric, be it hosting or voip or some other latest cry services, people expect it to cost a “buck a month” or so…

Granted, $199 for a two year deal is an incredible deal — but can $8.xx/mo per subscriber allow a company sufficient resources to provide even just the basic service — not to mention customer acquisition and retention costs??? Sometimes it’s best to do the math.

My business learned the hard way long ago, and now are very happy using a small but reliable outfit called for our voip and internet needs. Sorry to say, I think they don’t provide residential services, so not much help.

V Corleone

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. I signed up for SunRocket not once, but twice. I cancelled the first time when I couldn’t get more than 3 days uptime in a row. They convinced me to try them again claiming they had fixed their technical issues, but with the same results. I moved to viatalk, and ahve had no problems whatsoever. Vonage was also solid, however was more costly and lacked some features. Long term, if you pre-pay, you take your chances. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the comments of many. The cable companies have the stability and lower cost of operation. But their pricing isn’t better in my market than traditional telco. So what’s the point of switching to VoIP?

Blue Scooby

I have it on good authority that the SR customers will have to fend for themselves. When the company officially closed its doors yesterday, there were still some efforts behind the scenes to find a competitor willing to purchase the rights to its customer-base (resulting in a no-downtime situation). Unfortunately, time was not on their side and a decision was made to scrap the initiative since it would require further financial and human resources.


I sold SunRocket for years as an agent. Man it’s going to hurt to lose those commissions. While I feel bad about people who signed up and then didn’t get a full years worth of service, I feel even worse about not being able to feed my kids next month.

Moshe Maeir

So why did it happen and what can we learn from it? Well, yes you can make an operating profit at $199 a year (not for 2 years though…). The killer is the customer acquisition costs. That is why I believe that the survivors of the VoiP wars will be those who do not have customer acquisition costs. Read = cable.
The other option is – If you are a small service provider, an ISP, a computers services company, a small CLEC, and you own customers, you can offer them VoIP services at a low cost. The key is don’t try to acquire customers in the open.
For more ideas – look at my blog :-)

raja kandampalayam

my phone line is still active, time now is 12:02 AM 17-Jul. Keeping my fingers crossed after going through the comments.

Bob H

I wonder if it’s the monthly folks that’ll continue to work and the pre-paid folks that are SOL.



My service went dead around 8pm tonight, but I was able to login to my account and forward my calls to another number. Calls are still forwarding as of now.

M Baig

The best option would to tranfer the customers of sunrocket to other carrier, rather than ditching customer in the middle of sea.

Hope this happens.

Jon...Former SunRocktet Tech Support Agent.

As a recently fired tech support agent, Ive seen this comming for months now. I worked day in and day out trying to fix issues with the service( i.e. Faxing, Inside wiring, TiVo, sat. tv service and not to mention just the bacic service it self) and to no avail the same issues would never get fixed.They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy new opperations systems for Customer servcice and Tech. agents to be better equipted to handle day in day out issus. But, when the Information that they supply to the reps. is flat out wrong or at best incomplete. No Wonder customer satisfaction is the lowest in the industry. No wonder the other guys ( Cable co, Vontage ect) are doing so much better in the Voip market. Its all about the servce, and for the most part VOIP across the bord SUCKS!!! Its not the same servcice as traditional LAN phone service and will never be. It was all about saving the money for the co. and not doing anything to help the customer. Its sad to think that a company that had so much going for it is now in the toilet due to lack of advertising, a lack of money being spent to fix the issuse that bogged it down, and most of all the lack of care that it takes to make a co. run correctly. 3mo ago in the call center in Springfield Mo, SunRocket fired the entire Sale Dpt. Reps, Managers Supervisors EVERYONE!! Then told everone else that are jobs were safe. BUllSHIT!! I was fired due to questioning accoutning about an error on my check. One of many errors I seen not just for myself, but many people in my call center. This was not a suprise to anyone who worked for the co. for any amount of time. But anyway, for those of you who are in the market for new phone service, AVOID VOIP SERVICE ( other than cable providers) AVOID THE CHEAP WAY OUT. Go LAN or just use your cell!!

Exothermic Reaction

I noticed my run light flashing RED last night and chalked it up to one of the midnight system updates, but this morning it was still blinking. I left it alone figuring I would piss off the family members that are continuously burning it up, by waiting a while before attempting to reset everything. Later calls were coming in and a couple went out even though the run light was still blinking red, but now it is hit or miss.

SR just renewed me about 25 days ago, I have already sent off a query to my bank about disputing the charge if they do not follow through with moving me to a satisfactory provider. Reminds me of 5 years back when Twister Communications folded up operations with no word to anyone.



I just called No Gotcha…SR customer service and got the same msg.”we are no longer accepting new customers” Goodbye!!

“Run” light blinking red…but my phone is still working!! I have noticed this few months back also.

Very important..I just called Optimum..they advice, your SR service will be out by mid-night 07/16…So, hurry up and do whatever you can do to keep your service up by transferring to Via or Vonage may be as many of you sugeested earlier.

Is there any new reliable deals??

How can I get my money back? It’s been four month by end of this week. Please advise.


Well, sorry SunRocket customers. As for those who went to SunRocket (and others) from Vonage – have you tried it lately? I have been on Vonage since the early (VERY bad) days, and I must say that they have vastly improved over, say, 2 years (or even a year) ago. The service is very reliable now – to the point that my family and I forget that we’re not with the phone company anymore. We have MONTHS of uptime, no issues at all. And I have to say that the free Europe calls ROCK – that alone has saved me hundreds of dollars already.

Just a thought – you might want to give them another look-see…



We switched over to viatalk from sunrocket. Almost same program, same price, etc. The catch is, you have only ’til midnight tonight to get the program for $199 for 15 months and credit for unused paid-for sunrocket months will be added to your account. Your gizmo and telephones are not usuable, however, you can receive viatalk’s new equipment with free shipping if you put the words SHIPFREE in the promo code. Only ’til midnight 9/16!


I have both home and a business line with Sunrocket. My business line number was just transferred after 1.5 months; I received confirmation of the transfer on 7/10. I hope the executives that made the cowardly decision to just vanish, share in the demise of the company. Thanks for jeopardizing my small company through your selfishness. I hope you rot. Hopefully, I can get my number transferred back to my telco that won’t abandon me.

R Jensen

I’ve been with Sunrocket over a year. Curious if anybody knows how to get my primary phone number transfered to my new provider if Sunrocket is dead.


Wow….how could a company that set out to be a second rate Vonage have such misfortune???

Surendra Kashyap

My service is deal. No e-mail from Sun Rocket. No information on Sun Rocket website. No one at the customer service. This is a sad story. I have had great service from Sun Rocket ( a lot better than Vonage, yes, I have used Vonage as well).


My Sunrocket service is still working, haven’t had any problems recently. Glad I’m on the monthly plan.


I sure there is something illegal about what sunrocket is doing. You can not just abandon an essential service like a telephone – what about the elderly, handicapped, etc.

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