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SunRocket is Toast, MEMO

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[qi:004] All right people, its all over. SunRocket has hit the dirt. Check our this internal email which went out earlier today to the employees. Now it is hard to ascertain the authenticity of the email, it is clear from recent developments that this was coming. The email was sent out by Sonya Jefferson, Director of Routing and Carrier Services earlier this morning. Jefferson is also looking for a new gig. [digg=]

(memo below the fold, horror stories in the comments section.) 

Unfortunately this email contains very bad news. We have just been informed that any and all last ditch efforts to keep operations running as well as a potential sale of the company have not gone through and that SunRocket will cease operations at COB today. As such, today is my last day and everyone else you may have worked with at SunRocket. ….
Regarding outstanding and future invoices: Sherwood Partners out of Palo Alto will be handling the close down of all invoices, current and outstanding.

291 Responses to “SunRocket is Toast, MEMO”

  1. just a guy in the voip biz

    guys, i would stop chasing the freebies and the bargains. technology costs money – period. ask sunrocket. i sat in a meeting with the sunrocket executives a year ago and was absolutely amazed that they continually stated that their biggest competitor was vonage. when i asked about the cable companies – with very deep pockets, millions of existing customers and huge marketing organizations and budgets – they looked at me like i had two heads. their response was that cable wants to bundle services and therefore will not be price competitive. well, fair enough, but their shit works and they have money. my time warner voip has been absolutely bulletproof for almost two years, zero outages and QoS off the scale – and i’m in the business and i’m very hard to impress. there are more sunrockets out there. play it safe, don’t prepay, go with your local cable company.

  2. Well, my “Run” light is red – and no phone lines are working… I guess I got snowed for four months of phone at $50 / month with the prepaid. Crooks. “The no gotcha phone company” my a$$.

  3. Same here … SR Gizmo is just blinking red light. No incoming/outgoing calls. Is there anyway to get the money back … I had ordered it just 2 months back.

  4. If they are going into Chapter 7 bankruptcy (the kind where you close up shop, not the Chapter 11 version where you reorganize and try to stay alive), you are pretty much out of luck if your credit card charge is more than a couple of months old. Debtors to whom they have cash obligations will be at the front of the line. You will probably get nothing. You could sue, but bankruptcy law specifies how this stuff works, and you are unlikely to get anything. Remember, you’re going after the picked-over carcass of a company – you can’t collect if they have no money.

    Not a lawyer, just worked for a company that went bankrupt once.

  5. This is my second year of Sunrocket, about 9 months into my second year, so this won’t hurt too bad.

    Unless I can’t port my number, then the wife will hit the roof!!!

    I ordered a magicjack a few days ago when I heard the first whispers of the impending shutdown, but that’s not a total solution.

    The sunrocket price was the big seller for me. There is no plus for paying vonage or comcast the same price as a local landline. I’ll look into viatalk as well but will consider this a lesson learned.

  6. Robin Armour

    Its COB Monday ‘n my SR line is operating well.

    Perhaps they are transfering some custimers over to other carriers as the NYT article hinted.

  7. Sorry for all the folks at sunrocket that got shafted by this, hope you all get on your feet real quick. As for a CAS, against who, they obviously went belly up!. For those looking for a good reliable service, I’ve been using Lingo for about 3 years with no problems. Good alternative to Vonage when they weren’t offering free calls to Europe (I know they are now)

  8. Skinman

    Anyone hear of It’s a good thing to have when you might be bouncing around to different providers or phone numbers….

    Through my own problems with Vonage, I’m using skype pretty much full time now, but I use GrandCentral to ring my skype and cell phone at the same time. The beauty is that I know I can switch to whatever works best without having to worry what phone number I end up with, since the GrandCentral number never changes and will ring whatever phones I set up in it. I know I sound like a GC employee, but it really is that slick.

  9. I’m part of a company called 5linx that has solid voip service, competive rates, video phones that work with our voip, and the first ever voip cell phones that use any wi-fi or wi-max connection.

    If you’re looking for a service to port your number to or an opportunity with a solid company, get a hold of me

    Michael O’Connor
    [email protected]

  10. Bobby Russell

    This is why you NEVER pay for service in advance. If charge within 60 days, you can dispute it with CC company. If more than 60 days, you are probably out of luck.

    When the cost of a pre-paid 2 year subscription is less than the cost to provide the service, what did you people think would happen?

    I was on month-to-month. Paid more, but got out two months ago because I thought service was crap. Went to Vonage and AT&T. Much happier now.

  11. Andy Russell

    Will we get our money back?
    can we complaint about this to anyone?

    Don’t u guys think sunrocket Mngt shd be punished?

    can we file a CAS against sunrocket company?

  12. One of the reasons it seems that the Rocket is running into the Sun is that the liability the pre-paid service was to any potential buyers.

    I had a friend of mine buy this pre-paid plan instead of Vonage as I suggested just about a month ago!

  13. Wow this is too bad. I have 3 lines and have paid $200/year for each. Any idea what can be done now to get our money back? Burned thrice.. it hurts.

  14. FYI – I switched to ViaTalk a few months ago from SR and glad I did considering what is going down…. just from reading the ViaTalk blogs on vtinside and the company profile, it doesn’t look like it’s going to have any problems like SR (corporate takeovers, stuff like that). I wouldn’t be surprised if ViaTalk starts offering ridiculous offers for ex-SR customers, so keep an eye out for that. Hope this helps, good luck SR peeps!

  15. Just tried to call their customer support line: 1-800-786-0132

    The message says “We are no longer taking customer support or sales calls. Goodbye.”

    Looks like I’m out the rest of my annual subscription.

  16. Josiah

    I just got laid off at the only call center SunRocket had. None of our supervisors or any management of any kind where aware this was happen until I decided to call the 800 number when we had no calls. There was no warning at all about this, not even the higher-ups of my center knew about this.

  17. I am glad I am a Vonage customer. Their service and features are far superior then what any other VOIP provider offers anyway and the service is cheap.

  18. SunRocket Employee

    Yep – All is down and the Call Center In Springfield, Mo that handled all of our CS and Tech calls are also out of jobs for now.

  19. Rustytek

    I called customer service – and recieved the message “We are no longer accepting customer service calls” and then the dreadful hangup.

    I guess I paid two hundred dollars for six months of service as well.