MobileTechRoundup thanks you!



Just a quick note before we run the kids around to their activities this evening: thank you MobileTechRoundup podcast audience. With your support, we finally cracked the iTunes Top 25 podcasts in the Technology / Gadgets section. We’ve come close before, but I think this is the first time you helped us get on the front page for this section. I’ve been noticing both the subscriber base and total downloads steadily increasing this year, so I’ve been watching and waiting for this. Our 30 minute show takes a collective four hours or so between James, Matt and I, so it’s great to see that people continue to get value from the effort. We thank you!


Tunde Odutoye

You guys deserve it. Best tech blog in town. Well done.


That’s fantastic. Keep it up! ( maybe I’ll subscribe with iTunes so I can be a part of the total :P )


Great Job Guys!
I believe that is my actual comment!!!

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