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Hugo Ortega looks at the Raon Everun up close and personal

EverunWe all smiled when Hugo Ortega of Gottabemobile raced to the FedEx store to pick up his Raon Digital Everun ultra-portable PC.  The look on his face when his wife called him unexpectedly on the video was worth the price of admission.  Hugo has returned as promised with an in-depth look at the Everun and shows what the UPC has to offer those seeking an ultra-mobile lifestyle.  Hugo does probably the best job I’ve seen demonstrating the utility of the ultra-portable PC (UPC) in obtaining a productive and highly mobile nirvana.  Hugo, welcome to my world.  :)

I have been preaching the virtues of the UPC to mobile workers since 2004 when I first starting using the Sony U70 as my daily machine.  What is surprising is that if you compare the hardware of that first UPC, the Sony U, you will find it is still comparable (or surpasses) many of these UPCs today.  That was 3 years ago too.  I am very impressed by the Everun after watching the video and I can see why Hugo is so excited about it.  The auto-rotate function alone ups the bar that other devices will have to reach for sheer utility.  Take a look at Hugo’s video, he even compares the Everun to the OQO, his current favorite device, and see if a decently priced device can help you get to the beach like Hugo.  Well done, mate.

PS. I was surprised to hear the Everun is not a genuine UMPC device which means it does not run the Tablet Edition.  This is significant because if the Everun had Sticky Notes it could do ink notes and audio notes that Hugo is doing with OneNote.

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  1. i have not seen any reason for not sticking by my u750. i think it has more value than what is coming out, would like more reports on similar machines