Hating the EDGE on that iPhone? Drop it and $20 from your bill


Iphone_callNot sure how true this is or isn’t but if it’s valid, some iPhone owners might be interested. Apparently, if you complain to AT&T about your slow EDGE experience and threaten to cancel your service, the carrier will drop the data part of your plan to reduce your monthly bill. Allegedly, you’ll lose your EDGE but also $20 off of your bill. For $39.99, you’ll save $240 over your two-year commitment, but you’ll also rid yourself of Visual Voicemail and unlimited SMS messaging. Not sure it’s worth the savings at that point (if this is even true), but you can still surf via WiFi and we’ve provided a free visual voicemail type option in the past. You’re on your own for the SMS….

(via Electronista)


Iron Cook

All the news lately about the poor AT&T EDGE network is starting to make me feel better about waiting for the next iPhone update. It’ll be interesting to see what Apple does with the next iPhone release and if they’ll stick with AT&T. Hopefully Apple strikes a deal with Verizon or Sprint, I’d love EV-DO connection on the iPhone, it would surely beat EDGE. But then again the EV-DO will probably be a battery life killer.


There is no iPhone plan with unlimited SMS messaging… 200 SMS messages per month is all you get, on any plan.

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