Fun With iPhone Contacts’ Photos


smooshtactsIf you’re one of the elite who rolls with an iPhone, you should really put some effort into allowing that beautiful screen to live up to its potential. For instance, try this.

Take a photo of your friends smashing their face/hands up against some glass (or have them scan their face/hands) and then apply that image as their contact photo in your iPhone. Then when they call, it’ll look like they’re trapped in your phone. Good fun!

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Can you get tha contact picture to come up when you get a message aswell?


If you do have an iPhone you should check out the app called “miFace”. When your friends don’t live nearby for you to take a photo of them, you can use miFace to create a funny, serious, or resembling image of the friend and apply it directly to the friends contact on the phone… getting you the same end result as shown here.


Cute idea, but how is an iPhone user elite? There’s a retarded number of them. Are you trolling me, you cutie pie?!


haha wicked idea! do you know if you have to store all the pictures of your contacts on your iphone (e.g. in the photo roll) or can you delete them from the photo roll once you have assigned them to a contact?

Halif Saban

I tried deleting the photos once I’ve assigned those to my contacts, and I think there’s no harm. My contacts’ photos are still there.


Clever idea, when (and if) I get an iPhone, I’ll be sure to have a fun scan-face session with all of my friends.

Jeff Fanelli

Hmm, how do you get the contact photo to be ‘fullscreen’ on the incoming call? My contact photos just show up ‘thumbnail size’?


Take the photo on the iPhone, if it is from the camera roll it shows up full size.


What I’m waiting for is an update to Address for greater congruence between setting a contact photo via the desktop app vs. setting the photo via the phone.

I absolutely adore how prominently the pictures are displayed of each caller (it’s like having larger-than-life baseball cards for all of my friends, only better) – provided you’ve set each contact photo on the iPhone. If you only set if via Address Book it comes up as a smaller-than-a-postage-stamp thumbnail.

I do hope this will be addressed in one of the early rounds of iPhone-related updates… and I hope those begin soon…

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