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Introducing Earth2Tech, our latest blog

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Apparently like everyone else, we are going green!

earth2techlogo.pngWe are launching our latest blog – Earth2Tech, a site devoted to the business of clean technologies, its innovations and everything else. While there are many sites that help consumers live “greener,” we are focusing our energies on the business of clean and green.

One part clean tech startup coverage – (a quick look at clean tech venture numbers shows the growing ranks of startups in hot areas like solar and biofuels); One part reviews of tech giant’s eco-initiatives (is Google’s carbon neutral initiative more marketing or responsible plan?); One part a resource page for entrepreneurs and Valley types looking for green tech [tools, rules, tips] – LBS meets ethanol?

This new blog has been a team effort. Katie came up with the concept, Liz with the name and rest of us well contributed in some way or the other. The site is being edited by Katie Fehrenbacher and working with her is Adena DeMonte, who starts today as a staff writer. She comes from Red Herring and is the newest member of GigaTeam.

The site has been designed by Rare Edge Design dynamic duo, Eric Willis and Nicole Wopperer. Incidentally, I met Nicole on iminlikewithyou and rest that say is green! Hopefully you will visit the new site, and send us your feedback. You can add it to your RSS reader by clicking here.

13 Responses to “Introducing Earth2Tech, our latest blog”

  1. David T

    I like the Green-Tech blog concept and believe that the global oil & gas supply / demand situation is only going to make alternative (most often Green) energy sources increasingly vital to future energy supplies.

    For anyone following the solar movement, you are aware of the global metallurgical / poly silicon supplies. This is the key ingredient from which all future solar cells are made. To those of you interested in investing in this area I would suggest you look at Timminco ( which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol TIM.

    When you look at their CAPEX / OPEX costs and their ability to significantly ramp production in the next 12 months you will see that the stock could earn in excess of $2.00 per share on revenues of $480M based on the IP protected process. When you look at its current valuation versus individuals such as HOKU it is the single best solar stock available in public markets at this point in time.

    Best of luck.

  2. great news. congrat on new site. hopefully you will cover all greentech in various places. Come a take a peak at Malaysia greentech. We also have algae based vinod khosla, malaysiaan company will rock the world..

  3. JamieK

    I agreed with Dave’s comments until I read of this new blog that is right up my alley… Now, I’ve added it to my favorites and will be checking it out along with GigaOm on a daily basis.

  4. Sounds like a good idea for a blog. If you haven’t got the optional spelling of the number two you might want to do that post haste, because that sounds like a possible traffic leak point.

  5. dudes, why don’t you just create categories within gigaom and stop throwing up url after url…consolidate your writing team under one domain, create easy category and tag based buttons and feeds and then just do what you want and NOT wind up wasting at least 4 or 6 postings a week telling us what’s going on at another gigaom url…? seems like you’d be doing your audience a huge favor…

  6. Adam Block

    It’s great that you’re adding this coverage. Now how about greening the GigaBusiness — you guys gonna reduce your own carbon footprint? You could try everything from turning off the computers at night to buying carbon offset credits. I think your opinionated (in a good way) coverage would be that much more interesting if you discussed how some of the products and services you cover would actually apply to a small business like your own.

    Best of luck with the new blog.