BlackBerry coming to a Windows Mobile smartphone in your town

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BlackberrydashBack in April of this year BlackBerry spawner RIM announced they would be bringing a Virtual Blackberry environment to Windows Mobile devices.  Virtual BlackBerry will allow WM smartphone owners to tap into that BlackBerry loving and interact with BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Internet Service, and also be able to switch between BlackBerry and Windows Mobile at will.  The virtual environment will contain all of the BlackBerry applications that crackberry addicts know and love.  The Boy Genius Report is telling the world that the Virtual BlackBerry application is not only drawing nigh but will debut on the T-Mobile Dash.  Stay tuned for more information as it appears.

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Hi James: I’m using the BB Connect software on a HTC710 – works really well… best of every environment….. i have push exchange mail working / gmail / pop3 accounts / and bb… perfect….. this is the link i used for the s/w…..

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