Broadcasters Try Twittering For Attention


As TV networks paddle ahead with their online video plays, they are further extending their social media toe-dipping with short-message service Twitter. According to the WSJ, the U.S. networks CBS, NBC, ABC Family and MTV are using short messages



Twitter can be searched/browsed without becoming a member. Twitter can be searched by google and other search engines. You can find links into twitter on search engines. Ergo, Twitter has world wide web presence.

Second Life can only be viewed by second life members. Second Life is not searchable by google or other search engines. I have never stumbled upon a link into Second Life from a search engine. Second Life is only a viable avenue to court Second Life users. Ergo, Second Life only has a presence in Second Life.

Where do you think you would get the best bang for your advertising dollar?

Dan Mosqueda

An NBC cameraman is a Twitter star under the Twitter name "newmediajim." He put out a call to visit a web video log on NBC.COM and hundreds viewed and many left messages. NPR's Andy Carvin and Iowa Public Media's Todd Mundt also have had an impact on attracting Twitter members to different storys and ideas. Another successful Twitter user is FoxNews, along with

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