Aggregation & Context in The Video World And Threat To Media Companies


Late last year Bear Stearns analyst Spencer Wang came out with a report on Long Tail, and how the content and distribution value chain will get affected by the rise of the tail, so to speak. Now he elaborates on it in another report, this time focusing on the rise of online video, especially consumer-generated, and how this will lead to the rise of aggregators in the market. The full PDF report is here (39 pages). Click on image below for their key “findings”…kinda obvious, but good in intellectual rigor.



Frank Sinton

Aggregating video content and providing personal recommendations (both user-based and metadata/automated-based) is the future.


Brandon Wirtz

With UGC as the new ruler, the King is dead. Replaced with a Polyarchy of small local leaders, and a host of people who's domain is so small as to be a postage stamp, but with the price of Postage, if you can collect enough stamps there is still a fortune to be made.

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