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Round-Up: MySpace on Optus; Swiss Bus Barcodes; Mobile Threat; MTS Mobile Music

–Optus Australia has signed an exclusive deal to offer the MySpace Mobile Service from August 01, reports Telecom Paper. The exclusive period is for 3 months, and the services on offer include login/logout, blog, view friends, add friends, searching, viewing photos, profile details, post comment, read/manage mail, and networking.

–In Switzerland PostAuto has launched a mobile barcode-style service which offers information about the bus timetables. “The camera reads a barcode on hiking signposts, which opens a webpage with the exact timetable for the nearest rural bus stop” reports PhysOrg. “Once the pic is captured, a web page with info on the nearest rural stop opens — and for a tourist who may have no clue what stop needs to be looked up on a map, this will be a blessing — and shows the schedule”. There’s no mention of which application reads the code and makes the connection, or how users get the app.

–Cellfish has launched another mobile brand… Mobile Threat. The channel is aimed at fans of metal, hardcore, indie and punk music, and will offer mobile content based on that as well as community participation features, and has teamed up with the Hot Topic Presents Sounds of the Underground Tour to promote the site.

–Regional Canadian operator MTS Allstream has launched a mobile music service with Groove Mobile. The MTS Mobile Music Store will provide full-track music downloads direct to mobile handsets with a dual-download to the computer, access to multiple charts, downloading high quality album art, shop and play, browsing and previews.

–A mobile music service has been launched in Switzerland by Oxy Systems (developer of phling) and Edipresse. The service will allow “customers of Orange Switzerland, Sunrise and Swisscom Mobile to use their mobile phones to browse, listen and share music as well as discover new music from Edipresse