Coffee break- new hangout, The Daily Brew


Coffee_manYou know me, always on the lookout for a nice coffee shop with good brew, free WiFi (preferably) and a nice comfortable place to work.  I found just such a place at the corner of N. Eldridge & Cypress N. Houston in Cypress, TX called The Daily Brew.  The beverages are really nice and priced reasonably (meaning cheaper than Starbucks) and although small it has some nice tables and the mandatory comfy chairs for Tablet users.  They give you the encryption code for the WiFi when you buy a drink and it’s happy surfing from that point on.  They have a second location not too far from here but I haven’t visited that one yet.  See you at The Daily Brew.  :)


Robert Burdock

“Robert, I’m always on the lookout for good coffee spots.” – I know you do James. You’ve made that clear in the past. I just let out a silent cheer when your ‘coffee break’ is a new place (in terms of chain).


I my prior post did not “take”.

I suggested that you plunk a 360 degree fisheye cam in the middle of your table, turn on the mic and speakers (or headset) so we can all join in just as if we were sitting there with you. This may require next generation technology for the realtime 360 video…but it would be nice to see what it’s like in your various ‘haunts’.

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