The SunRocket Is Down For The Count


The Sun Rocket it seems, has hit the deck. We had reported earlier that things were getting pretty tenuous at the VoIP services company. The Vienna, VA.-based company stopped taking new orders recently.

The company is said to have had massive layoffs and basically is down for the count. The rumors have been appearing in the comments section of our site and Broadband Reports. We have not been able to reach anyone at the company.

There was some talk that Magic Jack was going to acquire the company, but when we checked with Daniel Borislow, owner of Magic Jack, and he categorically denied and said that he is not buying SunRocket.

SunRocket co-founders left the company in February 2007. The company raised over $80 million in funding. If you are one of SunRocket’s 200,000 customers, we sympathize.

Update: A former SunRocket employee has his take on the meltdown at SunRocket, who writes on his blog: “Internally, SunRocket’s politics went further and further in preventing effective execution of the technology vision.”



For those who complain about us “whining” over the $199 lost to Sunrocket, please remember there are over 200,000 SunRocket customers and if each averaged about $100 lost that’s about 20 million prepaid. Yes, $100-200 isn’t a fortune, but it does add up (like income tax does)…not to mention the multitude of problems due to time constraints, porting problems, and potential of 911 inaccessability.



Kevin W

I just ordered Skype Unlimited PC to Phone service and it was $ 8.95 for three months. I don’t care if Majic Cracker Jack is offering $ 40 a year they will probably crash after six months. If I do not get a refund of my six to nine months, credit for it with a company or get a settlement for it I am never using a broadband phone company again.

For those of us who got shafted here are some plans:

1) File as creditors with An affiliate of Sherwood Partners, LLC who is managing the process as the Assignee for the benefit of creditors.

2) File a class action suit if we are shafted as what’s his name suggested and it is fraud now if they promised and then took our money and ran.

3) File complaints with everyone, FTC, BBB, the state attorney general in Virginia and more. The complaints will draw more heat on them.

4) If you get a month free offer from Majic Cracker Jack or Packet8 tell them to stuff if you have credit with SunRocket for six to 12 months. Sun Rocket owes me $ 100 and I will settle for $ 100 like that greedy guy in the bank scene in It’s a Wonderful Life!

Louise Suszczynski

My service went dead the other day. Suddenly, this afternoon the service was turned on. Has this happened to anyone else?


I just renewed my annual plan in May for $214.11 including taxes. Sunrocket mistakenly double billed me, my invoice balance is -$214.11. Of course they have been dragging their feet for two weeks to issue the credit, and now I can’t get in touch with them. I just filed a dispute with my credit card company for the double charge, I am tempted to file a dispute for the first charge too. I am hoping to get at least the double billing back, but I am not banking on it. $428.22 for 2 months of service…nice!


MAJIC JACK is probably the reason SUNROCKET decieded to go out of buisness.
Isn’t funny how the day Majic Jack is ready to take orders Sunrocket all of a sudden shuts down.
Hell no one can beat $39.99 for the 1st year including your phone number and $19.99 for each additional years.

This is a true invention


Luckily, I chose to do the monthly plan and not the yearly plan. I called my bank to see about placing a stop payment on the recurring item but because it is a credit card and not a debit card, that was not an option. They said that I could dispute it but when dealing with dispute from a company that has gone out of business it will be hard to get your money back. The financial institution has to find the item in your favor and since Sunrocket is out of business they would have no one to contact. The only option that i had was to block my credit card and order a new card. I had no problem on this as I do not rely on my credit card for everyday use. I have signed up with vonage who has waived the 1st 2 months of service and activation fee. I will see how that goes.

Dan G

Well, save your gizmo, and you can use it for other VOIP companies.

a) Disconnect to WAN i.e. Unplug cable from Gizmo WAN port (i.e. no Internet)
b) With the PC connected to Gizmo LAN port, Go to and Login to it using user Id
First try User Id: Admin & Password: 7UprUtew

If this is not working then try User ID: user & password: welcome
c) Now Cut and Paste the following url and press enter to Restore factory default

After about 15 seconds you should see a message about reset to defaults. Wait another 30-45 seconds.
Now close browser window. At this point your Gizmo should be in the same state as when SunRocket first shipped it to you.
d) Open a new browser window, go to (Do not open Gizmo home page first).
When prompted for user and password, Enter
User Id: admin & Password: slapshot (Valid for V3.0.77, V3.0.75)

e) Now Disable Provisioning, Go to
Menu –> IP Network —> Provisioning Setting and Uncheck Enable Provisioning
Click Save & Reboot. Click OK to warning.
At this point of time, your Gizmo should be unlocked and ready to be used with any service.

Kevin W

Tell the Broadband phone companies to give us credit or we are NEVER coming back! I called Packet8 and they gave me the run around so I cussed the guy out while he was on the phone!

Tony S

ITP (Internet Telephone Provider): This is a very good VOIP service. Much cheaper than Vonage and more features than Sun Rocket. No up front annual payment, no contract. Free 3 months to anyone that comes from Sun Rocket as well with a promo code. 888-487-1110

Kevin W

If I don’t get credit for the six to nine months I have on my SunRocket account, I swear to God Almighty I WILL NEVER USE A BROADBAND PHONE SERVICE AGAIN EVER! So for Lingo, Packet8, Vonage, etc., it is your asses if we don’t get credit for our months because we will bail from the industry and take enough disgruntled customers with US that it will be like the Hebrews leaving Goshen, yes.

If you think I am bluffing gentlemen, then I have three words for you, PC TO PHONE. If I am screwed on this SunRocket deal I am going to SypeOut or some other company and make phone calls from my PC. Here is a no gotcha guarantee I guarantee that I will not call for a massive boycott on Broadband Phone services if we get credit for the months we paid for otherwise Lingo, Packet8, Vonage, et all bend over and take it like a man.

E Stern

Go to the SunRocket site ASAP and print out or PDF as much account info as possible, you’ll need it for a transfer. Yes if you paid annually you still can go to account info and click on invoices you’ll have a $0.00 invoice for the month of June there. Or at the very least infor of when you started your 1 year deal

For the person who suggested PhoneBank. It’s a great idea but they don’t seem to accept the sunrocket numbers

phil cogan

For those who have tried to forward their numbers by using the Sunrocket website, I too thought that I had successfully invoked “simple forward” to my backup landline…. but it doesn’t work. I think it is likely that the website functions are connecting to network resources that have been shutdown, like the rest of Sunrocket. The lack of warning about what they intended to do, and the lack of consideration of their customers will, unfortunately, remain attached only to the Sunrocket name… the executives behind these thoughtless actions will likely remain anonymous and move on to another telecommunications job.

Lynda Wells

And, here’s another wrinkle in the cream of the “no gotcha” SunRocket that got us all:
I contacted another company, and they tell me that they have to have a phone invoice less than 30 days old, with my address, the phone number to be ported. Lovely! Since I paid in advance, no can do…

matthew hyde

on sunrocket and can still make and receive calls on the line. Sometimes I have to dial the number a few times before it’ll go through. But calling out of state is not working.

Jim in CT

I have one year and 2 weeks remaining on my Sun Rocket contract. I would have appreciated them letting me know that my service was going to be discontinued. As it is I have spent a lot of time last night and today trying to contact Sun Rocket by phone and via e-mail. Their site is still up and you would think they would have the decency of posting a message on the site explaining why the service was no longer working. Great Job Guys! Thanks a lot!



I got doubled bill this year. Once in May
then again on June 30. I had the yearly
199 plan so it automatically posted on my credit
card (both times). Has this happen to anyone else ?


I tried to cancel my account .. but it says you can’t do it via email you must call 1-800-786-0132 .. but when you do they say they are no longer taking sales or customer service calls .. good bye

How are you suppose to cancel your account and get your money back?


Well, I called our local cable provider to sign up for their service and they said they have no idea when/if sunrocket will release our numbers. They said best case scenario would be 3 WEEKS! I went ahead and changed my number because I can’t be without a home phone for that long. This is crazy!


I have just signed up the SunRocket service two months ago for 15-month deal for $199, thinking to save few bulks a month. Now, I end up paying $100 per month, as my phone is no longer in service.

For those people who run the SunRocket, if you happen to read this blog, picture yourself in our shoes and imagine if your family depend on the only phone access for emergency service, yes, we are talking about the live or dead situation here, and someone just take away your only access for help without a notice, how would you feel?


I just logged on and tried to print invoices off, but it’s all gone. I can not access old invoices anymore and now there is an alert on the website that says that one subsytem is currently down.


Its really painfull for customers like us in these situations, who have paid in advance for Full year… Mine still 9 months service left….

Request you all to do the following:

1) File a complaint with the FCC at:

2) File an Dispute with Your Credit Card company, and notify them that you failed to receive the service you paid for. In most cases they will refund the money or atleast they try…

For Contact # look at the back of the Card and File Complaint.

3) SunRocket website is up and allowing to forward the #, atleast forward the number and get your calls.

4) Try porting your #, I don’t know how thus will happen, trying … As SunRocket is not there then who will confirm.

  1. Find some other cheap provider and signup, I signed up for Viatalk as they are offering good Price / Deal for existing SunRocket Customers…

Check here:

Free Activation + Free Shipping + 6 Month of Contract Buyout are some of the offers…

6) Pray God… That they will refund all our balance money…

Hope this helps… WIll update later, in case I found more information…


I’m a sunrocket customer for opnly 3 months and I just cant use it anymore, when I call their service I receive an stupid voice recording message telling me they wont handle it anymore, my suggestion

f*ck it, im going back to my old provider inphonex (, there are plenty of opportunities out there than a closed provicer. inphonex is even offering a trade in program to switch sunrocket adaptors and stuff like that, if someone get interested, read here:


I don’t really care so much about my number, than my money. How do we get the unused months back of the prepaid services? I can not believe they have not even informed anyone beforehand. I talked to customer support on Saturday (July 14th) because I couldn’t receive anymore incoming calls. They were on the phone with me the whole time (3 different people) and told me someone would call me back, which of course never happened. Not one word of going out of business.


Hey, I did the call forwarding to my cell and it worked. Thanks for the information. I really loved SR and told tons of people about it. I work in the entertainment industry and my phone being down looks really bad. I’m hurt, and really scared to try another VOIP service. So if anyone finds a good service please post it here, like the person who posted the call forwarding thing. It seems that we all have to stick together until this thing gets worked out.


good luck if we can get our numbers. Most companies require that the number be active.


Can we even change our service without cancelling SR??!! They say you have to cancel by phone! I am ready to call my local co. and change asap, but don’t know if I will have issues.


Sunrocket website is still working. For now You can forward your sunrocket calls to your cell phone or other land line number. I just now tried and its working.
I think this’ll also die soon I guess.
Do it ASAP and try it.


I am a SR customer and havent been able to make or recieve phone calls for the past 24 hours. Does anyone know more of what is going on?

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