Microsoft Certification Programs At Sify Cybercafes

Sify has tied-up with Microsoft to promote and host the latters’ certification programs at their iWay cybercafes. The coursework will be offered online and Sify will charge for browsing. It’s not known whether Sify also gets a share of the revenue from the courses, but how many people are going to sign up for this anyway? I quite preferred Sify’s audition model, but it’s all a part of making the most of their cybercafe spread. Additionally, Sify’s ISP services will be bundled with Microsoft’s IQ PC (priced at $500), which 100 hours of free browsing. It seems that the 100 hrs of free browsing would require to take a Sify connection (infra costs), so that’s an investment in acquiring users – though one doesn’t know much about the churn.