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Where to Find Good Video: WeShow

Sometimes you just want to sit back, relax, and have good web video found for you. WeShow is not your typical startup — with a huge employee count, considerable funding, heavyweight backers, and an editorial rather than technological focus — and it’s aiming to do just that.

New York-based WeShow aggregates content from more than 20 video hosting sites, relying on 45 of its 70 employees to scour major video sites to rate, filter, organize and place the best into one of 200 channels. Looking for uniqueness, quality of image and sound, the staff reviews thousands of videos everyday, analyzing content at niche sites and blogs to identify interesting themes for the site.

WeShow debuted in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Brazil with Marcos Wettreich at the helm as CEO. Financial backing comes from MTV’s founder Bob Pittman and Harvard Business School vice-dean and professor of entrepreneurship Bill Sahlman. The investment sum was not disclosed by the company, but TechCrunch reported between $5 million and $7 million.

Similar to the Daily Tube, which launched Monday with an editorial staff of about 25 people that search the Web for the best clips, WeShow wants to establish itself as an authority for video content. Besides the Daily Tube, curated video sites include Web TV Hub, Network2, the Daily Reel, and

WeShow adds to the mix a monthly online video awards, and a daily TV-formatted program (embedded above) presented by VJs who call out the most relevant clips of the moment.

Read about other approaches in our “Where to Find Good Video” series: Divvio, Vidmeter, Megite and Tailrank, Digg, and StumbleVideo.

10 Responses to “Where to Find Good Video: WeShow”

  1. I’ve caught the You Tube bug, but maybe a bit more casual about it then some. If you’re into being a video explorer and finding the absolute diamond in the rough I Imagine you’ll always want to go solo and never really be happy with any aggregator. A recommendation service works for me though. I like the weshow video awards idea. The Daily Tube appeals to me for its lack of clutter and the email option.

  2. The Daily Tube does a great job curating the best of the new videos–and they e-mail it to you too, which is very handy. On days when I’m jammed up and have only 10 or 15 minutes to spare, it’s perfect. On days when I have more time it’s a good place to start.

    Two more worth checking out are AuditorumA and

    All of these are better than WeShow or YouTube at filtering content.

  3. Most open-source content aggregation system sites I’ve seen look, frankly, a little threadbare, and typically throw up things I’ve already seen.

    WeShow, on the other hand looks…. a little too dense, without necessarily feeling content rich. A colourful-but-uninviting wall of categorized thumbnails, and a lot of navigation.

    I can see the appeal of well-curated content (not just some top ten list of “what’s big on MetaBreakTube) but we’re not yet at a place where anyone’s destination site beats out the places I already find stuff for myself.

    Of course, if WeShow front-page some of my content, I totally take that back….

  4. I’m not one to devalue editorial, but I agree that I’d feel much more comfortable with an organically grown 70 employees and $5 to $7 million than one that just plops down fully formed.

  5. I agree with Mike. There is a serious problem if they need 75 people and $5 million to operate a site like this. It’s a nice site, but if VCs are throwing around this kind of money, it really is 1999 all over again.