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SunRocket: New Customers Not Required

SunRocket, the ailing VoIP service provider has hit another air pocket: the company has stopped taking new orders, which in a business that is dependent on subscriber growth, is pretty much a kiss of death. Comments over on Broadband Reports message boards indicate that they are out of devices. More to follow.

14 Responses to “SunRocket: New Customers Not Required”

  1. Anyone know if sunrocket’s prepaid customers have any chances in recovering their money. I jusy paid for the service at the beginning of the month 7/7/07. $199.99 for the year plus activation fees. $238.00 total.
    I hadn’t even started using the service when I got the news of then shutting down!!!

  2. Michael Gamsby

    There are many providers (50+) out there besides the Sunrockets and Vonages of the world. The key is to find a provider that provides a high quality end user web portal in addition to quality billing. Also I would recommend going with a provider that sells both business and residential service. ISPs are a good choice because they are not in danger of going out of business.

  3. wife of ex-sunrocket employee

    Sunrocket has laid off everyone in the company except for 15 people. The remaining employees were kept on an hourly basis with no benefits. The company is trying to be bought, but who would want them?

  4. HIs facts seem straight to me. The SunRocket homepage used to lead to landing pages those landing pages are gone. Worse go to anyone with a link to sunrocket like ( and it leads you another non-sunrocket website.

  5. I’m a Vonage customer for more than 2 years. I like the options and services come with VoIP. I would like Vonage, Sun Rocket to do well. It will be a big help to know the alternatives to these 2 with similar options and pricing?

  6. I am not quite so sure. Only about 2-3 weeks ago, they were running a promotion of $99 for one year’s service. I am thinking that just too many customers signed up and they ran out of devices. This must just be a temporary hiccup.